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minim is a craft-led design practice run by a potter and a graphic designer. Making things that we want to live with, our work is shaped by a shared personal aesthetic.

Every minim object starts with a lump of clay on the potters wheel; some are translated into other materials by masters of their own material whom we work with for specific collections.
We exclusively make to to order and hold no inventory. Glazing only when necessary helps reduce the number of firings and our carbon footprint. Our porcelain body is fired to vitrification, eliminating the need for a second firing. We use reclaimed wood from columns of demolished buildings which has the added benefit of being completely seasoned. We also use offcuts sourced from carpenters working on bigger objects and finish all our wood with natural linseed oil.
Since every piece is made by hand using natural materials in small batches, slight variation in dimensions and finishes is a cherished characteristic.


If our aesthetic and the way we think about making resonate with you, we are happy to create limited edition collections on commission. In our visually saturated digital lives, we find it essential to start with as blank a slate as we can. While sharing visual references might seem like the most logical way to start things, we prefer to talk and get to the heart of the why. A Pinterest moodboard often pushes us away from an idea we might have come to on our own or towards one that already exists. Neither is ideal. We are open to design-only protoyping engagemnts as well.