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frequently asked questions

Quick answers to a few questions about orders we are often asked. For everything else, drop us a line.

I don’t see a Buy button. How do I make a purchase?

Like something? Add it to your wishlist. The Wishlisht works like a cart without an instant buy/pay option. Once you’ve finished adding everything you like to it, submit your Wishlist with your email ID and we will get back to you with lead time, price and shipping details. If you’re happy to go ahead with the purchase, we will generate a shopping link and confirm your order once the payment is through.

What will you use my email address for?

When you submit your email address to send us your wishlist, we will use your email id exclusively to reply to your specific enquiry. All order related communication will be directed to this email address. This email address will also be used to process your order with third party payment and shipping providers. If you sign up for our newsletter or request to be updated about sales and launches, then your email address will be used to send you updates.

I want to to gift a minim piece — but I need it tomorrow. Can you make it happen?

Every piece is made only after a confirmed order. However, we can give you a digital voucher with a promise to deliver as soon as the piece is ready. In the rare case that we have a piece in stock, we may be able to send it to you — so, always a good idea to ask.

How long does it take to deliver an order?

Depending on the piece and quantity, 3-5 weeks. We’ll let you know once you tell us what you are interested in.

Why don’t you have anything ready?

Making to order is our way of reducing waste. Clay, once fired is safely inert, but not biodegradable. Mining raw material has an environmental cost as does firing clay into ceramic objects. We are conscious that the things we make are wants, not needs — and so we make them only when someone truly wants them.

How do you ship your orders?

Through reliable third party courier services by road/rail/air depending on your location and the size of the box. Shipping is charged on actuals.

My order was damaged in transit. Can I get a refund/replacement?

Damn! For damage in transit, here’s what we can do:
Customers within India: We can offer a replacement. To be on the safe side, it would be great if you can take a video of the unboxing.
International orders:
Option 1: We can send you a replacement but will have to charge for shipping for the replacement.
Option 2: We can offer a Refund for the product but not the original shipping charge. Unfortunately international shipping services we work with do not offer shipping insurance for ceramics.

Do you accept returns and cancellations?

Unfortunately we don’t as each piece is made on order and only after the order is confirmed once the payment is credited.

I am a customer based outside India. Will I be charged VAT/ customs/duty?

Yes. All VAT, customs and duty charges must be borne by the customer.

Can I commission a custom order?

Yes! But we are strictly against reproducing someone else’s design without necessary permissions. If you are a designer/architect looking to execute your ideas in clay, we are happy to explore further. If you are a interior products brand interested in us designing a collection for you, sure! If you want our products made in custom sizes, we are open to seeing what’s possible. If you want us to make something specifically for you based on a particular space or theme (that sits well with our aesthetic and ethos), let’s chat. Drop us a line at contact@minimdesign.com and we will get back to you.

Where are you based?

Minim is based in Bangalore, India.

Can we visit the workshop?

We are open to in person visits only for custom orders and collaborations.

Do you have a physical shop we can visit?

We are online only. To see our products in person, catch us in exhibitions — details on Instagram as they happen. Follow for updates.


Like something? Add to wish list and submit with email. We get back to you with product details, pricing, lead time and shipping options. If these suit you, we send you a payment link. Your order is confirmed once the payment is credited. Making begins. Once your piece is ready, we’ll send you a photograph, pack it as securely as possible and send it along.


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shipping & return policy

If your order is damaged in transit, we offer you the following options: international customers can opt for a refund (excluding shipping fee and duty) or a replacement (shipping and duty for the replacement to be paid on actuals). Domestic orders within India will be replaced (shipping for replacement bulk orders may be charged).

We only accept refunds/replacements for orders damaged in transit.

For international customers, if your country charges import duties, you may be requested to pay the amount by the receiving country’s postal service. If the duties are unpaid and the package unclaimed, we will not be responsible for return shipping or any refunds.

data policy

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