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commissioned projects

The Wave incense stick holder was commissioned by a conscious lifestyle store for their Diwali hamper. The brief was simple — earthy with a dash of festive which, this time of the year, is shorthand for a little bit of bling.

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Bare unglazed stoneware with a gold lustred edge, matte with a hint of sheen. As a functional object, Wave needed to do three things — hold an incense stick in place, catch its ashes and be small enough to fit into a predesigned hamper.
Designing a holder for a product that is non-standard in length has its own considerations. We chose a perpendicular hold over an angled one to achieve a smaller form, suitable for sticks of varying lengths. But an untimely gust of wind or even a gentle blow can upend the best laid plans — all you can do is exhale.

While the wave in Wave may seem purely decorative, it serves a function both in its making and in its use. It allowed the piece to be lifted off the wheel while still soft, saving time while capturing a trace of the process that is often smoothed away. The natural undulation is just enough to slide a finger under to lift it off a surface.

Each piece is thrown on the potters wheel.