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teak wood and stoneware

Mod is a modular object that can hold one flower or many, pencils or paintbrushes, candy or paper clips — or just your attention for a fleeting moment.

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It has 5 parts: a waterproof ceramic base with 4 wooden attachments. Stack and use as one object or many.
Use it as a wide, tall or single stem vase or a lidded jar; no matter which wooden top you use on the ceramic base, the rest stack to become a complete object.
Inspired by ubiquitous drain pipes scattered around a city perpetually under construction, and the archetypal Indian ‘tiffin carrier’, Mod is a precisely crafted vessel that invites interaction.

01 Base
The ceramic cylinder is an open-ended vessel that lets users decide what it is. It may start life off as a vase, that once cracked becomes a pen stand or a keeper of forgotten things.

02 Flat base / Lid
The second base, Part 2, acts as a base to create a complete object in wood with Parts 4 and/or 5. Place it on top of Part 3, and you have a small wooden vessel.

03 Lid / Bowl
Place it on top of Part 1 and there’s a lidded jar. Place it under Part 2 and you have a small lidded bowl. Or, use it by it self as a simple little holder to keep odds and ends.

04 Bottleneck
Turn the wide ceramic vessel into a single stem vase by placing the Bottleneck on Part 1. Insert Part 5 in between, and use it for long stems. Or stack it up with Part 1 and/or 2 to make make a wooden holder.

05 Conduit
Extend your vase/ holder with the conduit or connect two pieces that otherwise won’t fit.

Each ceramic vessel is thrown on the potters wheel and wooden attachments, turned on the lathe.