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⌀110mm h195mm
porcelain and teak wood

Lume is a bedside nightlight with the warmth of translucent porcelain.

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The last thing you want in the middle of the night is harsh light. The soft glow of Lume is just enough to see where you’re going, perfect for light sleepers and those who like a little light even at night.
The stacked design keeps changing of bulbs simple. Best used with a cool white 2.7W LED lamp — the porcelain gives it a warm hue.
Transluscent Shade

An unglazed porcelain shade that lets light through, made on the potter’s wheel.

Lamp Base

A lathe-turned reclaimed wood base with a ceramic bulb holder and a 1.8m moulded cable.

Easy Fix

We’ve chosen fixtures that are easy to find — the bulb (E27), the holder and the cable are easily available in any electrical store should they need replacement in the future.

Each ceramic vessel is thrown on the potters wheel and wooden attachments, turned on the lathe.