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various sizes
porcelain and terracotta

Celebrating the innate qualities of two clay bodies often perceived to be on two ends of the luxury spectrum, Lit is a limited edition of 100 lamps in porcelain and terracotta. No two lamps are exactly the same and each one is numbered (1/100. 2/100 and so on).

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Thrown individually on a potter’s wheel, each porcelain lampshade has its own glow, marked by traces of the handmade process.
The terracotta base is available in two
finishes — matte terra red or smoked variegated black. Toasted in smouldering sawdust, each terracotta base is coloured uniquely by smoke travelling across its surface.
Lit is available in three forms with a choice in size and the finish of the terracotta.

The glow of each lamp is unique, the slightest difference in the the thickness of the porcelain wall changing how light passes through. Porcelain with its innate material memory records minute movements in the making process. Hardened by fire, subtle rings and waves are accentuated by light.

We’ve chosen fixtures that are easy to find — the bulb (E27), the holder and the cable are easily available in any electrical store should they need replacement in the future.

200 x 250mm

220 x 320mm

220 x 350mm

available in three sizes | enquire for custom sizes

Limited edition. Made on order

As a limited edition series where each piece is unique and numbered with a choice in the finish and form, Lit is made exclusively on order. We require 3-5 weeks for each piece.