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various sizes
reclaimed teak and stoneware

Keep is a collection of lidded containers and an end table designed to keep your clutter out/in.

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A multifunctional stoneware and teak wood end table: stash away odds and ends under the lid, use it as a tray table or use the ceramic part independently and you have an all wood end table. Since the wood has a food safe natural oil finish, you can also use it as a cheeseboard!
Precise woodworking allows for a flat pack design that can be assembled and taken apart with ease — recommended for international orders.

Turn your table into a mini zen garden. Make time for a meditative moment to yourself.

All wood end table

Table with storage

Tray table

Unglazed exteriors celebrate the innate surface of stoneware, while the teak wood is finished to a perfect matte.
Made in varying heights and widths, the spartan cylindrical forms are available in different sizes.

Each vessel is thrown on a potters wheel. The lids are individually turned on a lathe to ensure a good fit.

150 x 55mm

125 x 80mm

100 x 120mm

Available in two colours and three sizes | Enquire for custom sizes

Each ceramic vessel is thrown on the potters wheel and wooden attachments, turned on the lathe.