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singles, samples & seconds

A monthly studio sale of things we make — iterations of an evolving idea, one-off pieces, things with imperfections which are still perfectly usable — and yes, it’s all on discount and ready to ship.

Scroll down to see what’s on the shelf this month.

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~75mm × 70mm
Rs 1,500 for a set of two


Small tumblers in shades of grey. This is a result of many trials, looking for that grey we we love and essentially creating swatches along the way. Unglazed porcelain. Expect minor imperfections and variations in colour and surface.


Available in sets of 2 — not twins but siblings. Happy to share close ups detailing variations and imperfections — just ask.

Lume II

~120mm × 190mm
Rs 6,800/-


A slightly stouter Lume than usual, and therefore on the seconds shelf. Different, not defective. Lovely warm porcelain glow, perfect for your beside table.

Porcelain and reclaimed teak wood.

One piece only!

Mea.l II

~135mm × 48mm
Rs 800/-


Originally a bowl designed for cats with a high-low rim that eases whisker tension, people seem to like to use as a holder of odds and ends on their desks too. We got the size slightly wrong on this piece and the base has a teeny crack. Best used for dry stuff.

Stoneware with a food safe interior glaze.

Bow.l II

~125mm × 80mm
Rs 900/-


For long-eared dogs, but we don’t mind if you keep it for yourself. Tiny cracks on the base but the interior glaze keeps it usable. Slightly wider than intended. Best used for dry stuff.

Stoneware with a food safe interior glaze.

Stem mini II

~100mm × 90mm
Rs 1,800/-

A vase for stalks long and short. These two are sitting on the shelf because the shape is slightly off. Ask us for more images.

Porcelain and stoneware + reclaimed teak wood


~100mm × 210mm
Rs 1,400/-


Back to basics, no frills, tapered cylinder vase. Made while we were still figuring out the perfect proportion, this one isn’t as sharp as we imagined.

Stoneware with the interior glazed.

Each ceramic vessel is thrown on the potters wheel and wooden attachments, turned on the lathe.