Bow.l was made for a specific kind of dog — beagles who had recently been released after years of laboratory testing. They had long ears and they were used to eating by themselves.

This was our take on existing designs.

The narrow mouth kept ears from dipping in, the wider base kept it from tipping over. We measured snouts to ensure that the mouth had just enough space for one snout, helping prevent scraps in multi-dog homes where some prefer not to share.

We left the cuteness to the dogs.

The bowl itself was designed to fit quietly into a grown up space. The unglazed exterior showed off a warm stoneware body, contrasted by the white glazed interior.

The Freagle Bow.l

The first run was made for a Freagles of India fundraiser, complete with their trademark running freagle. And yes, if you’d like to support the cause, place an order for the Freagle bow.l —proceeds go to the organisation.


A narrow mouth to keep long ears from dipping in the food


A wide base for a stable bowl that cannot be tipped over easily


Single snout only. No flipping out over sharing food

Bow.l Light
⌀ 140mm h 100mm


Each vessel is individually thrown on the potters wheel.

We’d like to see how our ideas manifest in different spaces and contexts. Whether you are an architect, stylist, retailer, conscious manufacturer, organisation working with artisans or an individual who would just like a piece, drop us a line.

minim is a craft-led design practice run by a potter and a graphic designer.

Our objects hum with the quality of being individually made and the ability of being responsibly manufactured.

We see our mixed media objects as a dialogue between two makers, two materials and often, two backgrounds. We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we do.
Seen here : Form Series I